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We Did

A century - must have passed us by
we sat and talked all night
Some cheap stuff - just we in the candlelight
playin' princess and knight
We drive all night without reason
just to say we did
Freakin' out - on wild, wild music
'nd let our stereo bleed
Maybe we'll be breakin' rules
Maybe people call us fools
we don't care what our neighbors say
baby - take me away
Just to say - we did
we get a little crazy
Just to say - we did
we fool around like kids
Just to say - we did
we loose ourselves in dreamin'
Just to say - we did
we do all what we did
Paper cups - and plastic cutlery
we stay in bed all day
we celebrate - our second honeymoon
like it was yesterday
We're watching Laurel and Hardy
black 'n' white on TV
Pillow fighting - the way like lovers do
lover's ABC
We're getting off our beaten track
'nd find our way without a map
Leavin' our do's and don'ts
just do what we want
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